2 Day Rental of The Grainfather Connect All-Grain Brewing System

Of course you want to try the Grainfather or the Grainfather Connect before you purchase one!
The Grainfather Connect works with a mobile phone app for both Android and Iphone.
We will rent the Grainfather or Grainfather Connect to you for 2 days (48 hours)
There is a $25 cleaning fee that we require when you take the Grainfather home.   The cleaning fee is refundable when you return a CLEAN Grainfather.
Current customers will not need to give us a deposit on the Grainfather.   New customers not in out database will require a $800 deposit to take a Grainfather home.  We reserve the right to charge the deposit to any customer.
If you choose to purchase a Grainfather after using it, we will credit your rental amount toward the price of a new unit. (up to $100 if you have rented it 2 or more times.)