Intro to Micro Distilling Class - New Venue!

Are you interested in opening or working in a Micro Distillery, or just learning more about the distilling process?  
We are partnering with Quartz Mountain Distillers in Vancouver (4601 NE 78th St,  Suite 210) to provide this 2 day class.   The first day will be in our Theatre room, which is perfect for a show and tell academic setting.  Day 2 will be at Quartz Mountain Distillers.
Our first class with Quartz

Starter Kits! - Gift ideas for getting started making your own beer, wine, cider, kombucha and spirits!

Make your own at home!

Are you looking for a gift for an aspiring brewer or vintner?  Would you like to make your own fermented beverages?  We have starter kits for beer, wine, cider, Kombucha and spirits.  Classes are also offered!